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When we were looking for someone to conduct our home study I called around to several agencies in the area, but after speaking to Evergreen Adoption Services, I knew we had found the right one. We were so new to the experience and weren’t sure exactly what to expect, but our Evergreen Adoption Services social worker walked us through every step. She was compassionate and reassuring during the entire process.

In working with our social worker, we could tell that she was there to be our champion. She was there to help us achieve our dream of adoption as we completed our home study. She was truly invested in us, not just with her time and expertise, but with her heart as well. She made everything so simple and turned what was once a daunting task into an enjoyable experience.

We would highly recommend Evergreen Adoption Services to anyone looking to expand their family through adoption.

-Loren & Becky Benson

We were referred to Evergreen Adoption Services by our adoption facilitator in Los Angeles, and we consider working them to be one of the high points of the confusing and time-consuming adoption process. Our social worker was extremely knowledgeable, organized and responsive. She answered all of our many questions promptly and checked up on us frequently to make sure all the paperwork was being completely in a timely manner. When we met her during our home visit, she was very friendly and put us at ease while interviewing us and even made sure that she engaged our toddler son. She completed the home study quickly and thoroughly. After the adoption, she made two more post placement home visits and was unfailingly caring and supportive. When she sent our post placement report to our attorney in Los Angeles (to forward to the social worker there), our attorney and his colleague remarked that they had never received such a prompt report from a social worker before. We plan to recommend Evergreen Adoption Services to all of our friends who are interested in adopting.

-Mark Whitmore & Mina Yoo

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